Turning my spreadsheet green

17 Jan

Well here we are two weeks in to the new year and I can report that I’ve been turning my spreadsheet green. I think I should explain – because life, work and family tend to take up rather a lot of time and head space when I do settle down to work I want it to be productive. I’m also a bit of a control freak and a pessimist so keeping a spreadsheet of my work really helps.

First I’ve created a worksheet for the year called Goals 2013, then I note down all the competitions, submissions and other writerly task generally needing done in a list, with deadlines filtered so they appear in order. I also put down the weblinks which saves loads of time when I go back to check on competition rules/guidelines etc.

Then I’ve got another sheet with all my short stories listed, with the magazines/comps that I’ve submitted to listed, with dates that they’ve been sent off and the date that I should expect to hear.

Then there’s the colourful part – I colour code everything. On my goals website I’ve got priorities colour coded, although they tend either to be HIGH in red, or just left blank. Then when I send something off I put in my Achievements column the date I’ve sent it off and highlight it green.

On my Submission worksheet I’ve got a more complex system with Blue for’ it’s nowhere/still needing work’; Yellow for ‘it’s out in the world’ and Green for’ Hooray it’s been accepted.’

So my plan for the year is to turn as much as I can Green. I know that all the goals won’t be met (as really they’re mainly a list of possibilities) but it’s great to get over the pessimism to see that I am achieving things and turning them Green.

Want to start your own list, here’s some suggestions of competitions and submissions that are open at the moment – let me know how you get on turning them green:







One Response to “Turning my spreadsheet green”

  1. ellenarnison27 January 18, 2013 at 9:25 am #

    Colette, this is inspiring. Also inconvenienced by life, work and family, I tend to find myself ramming writing into the tiny spaces left. This would give it a sense of purpose.
    And thanks too for the links to the competitions – I’ll put them at the top of my new Writing list.


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