End of a busy six months

10 Sep

I turned on my computer last night to write this blog, and basically got distracted by trying to sort out my photos. I’ve been terrible at getting things printed and although I’ve been backing up my camera to a hard disk I’ve got nothing physical in case everything goes phut. Didn’t get very far with the photos as the phone rang, my son threw up etc, etc, but it did give me time to reflect that I’m at the end of what’s been a very eventful six months.

In my immediate family we’ve had a Golden Wedding, an 80th birthday, First Communion, Confirmation, Child 2 starting High school (after the trauma of leaving Primary, a wedding and a 50th birthday.  Added to that there’s been a couple of funerals  and all the humdrum things like birthdays that don’t end in a zero and well, you know the stuff.

Squeezing in-between has been lots of time at the computer reading, writing and doing lots of things to try to address the whole work/life/writing balance. Somethings are working, some others have potential, while there’s still lots of wait and see. But what I have managed to do, is another reading – thus the footering with the camera. Here’s me reading at Tchai Otna a small tea house in the West End of Glasgow. While the weather has been wonderful all summer, it was freezing and pouring on Friday night which accounts for the cardigan and the chattering teeth. Mind you, if there is one thing a writer needs it’s a cardigan – heaven only knows we can’t afford the heating!

So now, I’m looking forward to a bit of calm – although my mum is about to move in with me for a couple of months, so it will be a different normality – so that I can relax and get on with the hard slog of getting this next novel finished.

Colette Coen reading at Tchai Otna on 6th of Sept 2013

Colette Coen reading at Tchai Otna on 6th of Sept 2013

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