Update – Event More Excited ‘Lost’ – Writing Magazine

3 Aug

Very excited that my short story Lost, which won second prize in the Writing Magazine’s 750 words competition, is now available to read on the Writers Online website, although you may need to be a subscriber to access. Great to get feedback to in the judge’s comments section.


Just found out that the story is also in the printed version of the magazine – unfortunately mine doesn’t normally arrive until Saturday, so need to make do with a photography sent via the lovely Ethly Smith, whose book Changed Times is out now.

If you manage to read the story I’d love to know what you thought. And you just know you’re going to get a photo of me with the magazine tomorrow, with a big grin on my face.

One Response to “Update – Event More Excited ‘Lost’ – Writing Magazine”

  1. James McEwan August 9, 2016 at 12:27 pm #

    I enjoyed reading your story, at first I was smiling at the character’s the ability to recall the location of items in the supermarket, even when they rearrange the shelf positions. (Frustrating once you have got used to where things are – i am informed that it is a supermarket trick to keep you in the shop longer. Who knows!)
    Back to your story – delightful, funny and eventually rather unfortunate and sad – I liked how you connected the idea of items lost or just miss-placed to the more serious condition of a lost memory due to an accident rather than forgetfulness.
    a good read.

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