19 Sep


Very Dry           I take a reading

Variations in pressure

Change the step

Listen to my asthma

Pull at my throat

Pray absent-mindedly

Or in despair

Oh my God.


The gradient of the hill shifts

With each passing day

Stormy             A sleepless night

The thought of what lies ahead

1 in 10

Fair                  A night of passion

A resolve to screw them all

Someone to talk to

And I’m there

Rain                 I cannot cry

It’s only a job

They cannot

Will not

Make me weep


Finally, it becomes a mountain

Pitched steeper every day

My steps shorten and grow slow

My breath

Infected by indoor pollution



A strong wind forces me backwards

Protecting me from the devil

I will become

If I reach the top

Just one more time.




A rare outing for my poetry – written a while ago, but published here due to prompt on Creative Writing Ink 


Photo by Alexandr Bormotin on Unsplash


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