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Onwards and Onwards

8 Jan

Happy New Year.

Some stats from 2018:

Didn’t manage to complete my GoodReads Challenge, only finishing 18 out of the 20 books I had challenged myself to read. Unfortunately you can’t count all the half-read ones, although I think there will be a flourish soon as I get some of them finished. Others will languish forever on the shelf with bookmarks at the point where I had had enough. I am going to read more of what I want to read this year, and not follow my book group’s recommendations quite so religiously. Book groups are great at getting you to expand your horizons, but I have hit the buffers too often recently and need to read my own choices for a while. (Though that doesn’t mean I will stop going for all the chat).

I listed 139 possible competitions/submission slots on my Excel Goals Worksheet and submitted on 41 occasions, winning or being published 5 times, so 12% of what I submitted got somewhere – not bad. I just need to get the submission level a bit higher along with the hit rate.

UPDATE: Just found another acceptance in my Junk folder – more info will follow.

I earned a grand total of ( I can hear the taxman getting excited) £229.36 (including 7p in Amazon royalties), less £84 costs bringing a profit of £145.36 for the calendar year, or appox. £2.80 a week (oh, how we writers live). I did get paid in Australian and US Dollars this year, which, added to the usual Euros and Sterling, makes me a truly international (if poor) author.

On the plus side, I didn’t spend any overnights in hospital this year – which means my kids didn’t (YIPEE), though I am still on Carer’s Leave without an end in sight to that.

I also set up my new business Beech Editorial Services, and have been doing a bit of editing and proofreading, although waiting to reap the rewards there.

My Writers’ Group, the G2 Writers, goes from strength to strength, with another published author to our name – Charlie Gracie, and we are just about to welcome two new writers into the fold, which is very exciting.


And so 2019.

I might not be an optimist, but some stubbornness keeps me going. I am trying different things with my writing and maybe one day you’ll see my name in lights (if not there is always Amazon). Keep reading, keep writing, keep hoping, and have a great 2019.


New Price

17 Oct

New cheaper price for the ebook of All the Places – you know you want to https://www.amazon.co.uk/All-Places-Ive-Ever-Been/dp/1519115113/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1476742763&sr=8-1&keywords=colette+coen

Support…and what it means

21 May

Support comes in many shapes and forms, sometimes welcomed, sometimes not. Sometimes looked for, and lacking; sometimes coming unexpectedly.

Friends support me through difficult times, as I hope I support them. Readers give words of encouragement, and the occasional review. Family gives practical support, taking up the slack.

The past couple of weeks I’ve been doing more supporting than usual – mainly on the care front as my sister-in-law who normally does loads has been in America. But on the literary front, I went to support my classmate from the Faber Academy Novel Writing course, who has just published the first novel in a trilogy – Changed Times. Ethyl Smith was ably supported by a couple of friends who shared the reading of her novel, and by many others who came along to listen and buy her book. Must admit I was extremely tired, and not always fully connected (which had nothing to do with the performances or the novel), but on the train home, I reflected on how important it is for writers (and others) to support each other. Ethyl certainly appreciated her great turnout, and I was honoured to be one of the first people she showed early drafts to and I’m looking forward to reading the completed book.

Ethyl Smith signing copies of Changed Times

Ethyl Smith signing copies of Changed Times

We all write in isolation, whether in a busy cafe or a quiet study, bringing characters out from our imaginations onto the page, so it is lovely to get feedback, a pat on the back, or simply, to see a face in the crowd.

If you’re looking to support writers, you could do worse than coming along to the Scottish Writers’ Centre at the CCA on Tuesday night in Glasgow to see their Spring Showcase. I’m definitely going to try to be there.

Readers Like a Bargain

2 Apr

Into Day 3 of the Kindle Countdown Deal for All the Places I’ve Ever Been, and there has been a decided slow down of sales, even though the ebook is still only £3.99. So it would seem that it’s all about pricing, and getting the promotions right – maybe all the people who were going to buy it finally got round to it when I reminded them again that it was out there. Maybe people just aren’t willing to take too big a punt on a relative unknown.

My sister questioned if I should permanently reduce the price of the ebook, but the way Amazon works, this would reduce my royalty rate to 30%, whereas if I occasionally do Countdown Deals (allowed every 90 days), then I retain the 70% rate I normally get.

I has been very exciting doing this and getting a reasonable number of sales. If you’ve not snapped up a bargain yourself yet, you’ve got until 8.00am BST when the ebook returns to its list price. Remember, if you don’t own a Kindle, you can always get the paperback,or if you are an Amazon Prime customer you can borrow the ebook for free through Kindle Unlimited.

Update on Countdown Deal

1 Apr

So, my Kindle Countdown Deal has been running for 24 hours, and I am amazed at how successful it has been, moving me from a ranking round about 1,500,000 (yes all those zeros should be there), to 2,896 in General Fiction, 350 in Women’s Fiction, and 185 in YA. Okay, so I cut the price from £3.99 for an ebook to 99p yesterday, £1.99 today, and £2.99 tomorrow, but I’m shifting units, and building a bit of momentum.

In terms of marketing, I’ve been posting in lots of the Facebook groups I’m a member of, but the one with the most traction has been my old school. All the Places I’ve Ever Been does start in the mid 80s in Glasgow, (though it then takes the protagonist around the World), so there is an obvious attraction for people who know the time and/or place. I think the ‘oh I remember her’ also helps.

I did dip my toes in the water of pay-per-click advertising a few weeks ago, but I must admit once I reached about £25 spend for £5 profit, I thought it was time to stop. I know other people who have used this method more successfully, but I think it probably works best if you are selling higher ticket items with a bigger profit margin.

I’d totally forgotten to Tweet about the deal yesterday (can’t really get into Twitter), so I’m off to do that now.

I’ll give another update tomorrow, where I might even admit how obsessively I’ve been checking the sales figures – well, it is exciting finding people who want to read what you’ve written.

Bye for now


Top 12 Doesn’t Quite Have that Ring

6 Feb

Top 12 Doesn’t Quite Have That Ring

As you know – if you’ve been paying attention The Chocolate Refuge is FREE at the moment on Amazon – and I’m in the top 12 of Free Women’s Short Stories, and #15 in Short Stories, so please, please, please help me make it into the top 10, and get a free book. But hurry – offer ends Tuesday

All I ask in return is a little review if you have time – it’s short stories and flash fiction, so bite size reading.

Free Book

29 Jan

Did you download Five A Day when it was free ?

Did you like it?

Do you have one minute to rate it or two minutes to write a review on Amazon?

Did you miss the free download?

Don’t worry there will be another one freebie along very, very soon.

Short Stories and Flash Fiction by Colette Coen

Short Stories and Flash Fiction by Colette Coen


#freebook #fiveaday #colettecoen

A Good Day

4 Dec

Well the wind is howling, and the rain is getting ready to fall from the sky, but two great things happened today. Firstly the lovely people at Creative Writing Ink told me I’d won their November short story competition. You can read it here then I got the final proof finished of All the Places I’ve Ever Been. It should be available to buy as a paperback in the next couple of days, but is currently on Amazon as an ebook if that’s your preferred method of reading.

A good end to what has otherwise been a very rubbish week.

Coming Soon

27 May
Coming Soon - Short Stories and Flash Fiction by Colette Coen

Coming Soon – Short Stories and Flash Fiction by Colette Coen

Publishing on Smashwords

31 Jan

Been battling for the last few days with new formats for Smashwords. Of course their rules are different to those for publishing on Amazon, so I’ve been tightening up the paragraph spacing that one wants and the other doesn’t and changing font sizes and numbers of pixels. Basically a technology few days, which I quite enjoy, but do get frustrated with when the result is you’re still not quite right and you can’t figure out why not. If there is anything wrong, I’ve maybe put one line break too many, the writing and proof-reading is all perfect. (She says waiting to be contradicted).

Anyway, The Chocolate Refuge is now on Smashwords ( http://www.smashwords.com/books/search?query=colette+coen ) , for those of you who don’t know about it, it is a more author-friendly site than Amazon. And now my lovely e-book even has its own ISBN ( a great thrill for an ex-librarian). I had signed up to be exclusive on Amazon for the first three months, but that’s over now, so I’m spreading my wings. I also just got my first royalties, small though they were it’s a start, and very exciting.

Self-publishing my short stories has been a very interesting project. I had hoped to get another book up by now, but it just hasn’t happened as I’ve not quite got enough material that isn’t still getting sent out elsewhere. I have got plans to expand a couple of older stories and I will very soon now that I’m making new writing habits (see previous post). Ah yes, maybe one of my new habits should be doing one thing at a time, and not trying to write a novel, edit and try to write a story good enough for the Mslexia short story comp.