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Mothers’ Day

21 Mar

Okay, so maybe you can’t afford to send your mum on a round-the-world trip, but you could buy her a book that sends the heroine on such a journey. Even better if your mum remembers the 80s. What book would that be? I hear you say. Oh, you know, don’t you? And don’t worry, one of these days I’ll finish the next book, and give you something different to look at.

Just to guilt trip you – got my Amazon payments for last month – 3p. Really must get on with writing something new.


Readers Like a Bargain

2 Apr

Into Day 3 of the Kindle Countdown Deal for All the Places I’ve Ever Been, and there has been a decided slow down of sales, even though the ebook is still only £3.99. So it would seem that it’s all about pricing, and getting the promotions right – maybe all the people who were going to buy it finally got round to it when I reminded them again that it was out there. Maybe people just aren’t willing to take too big a punt on a relative unknown.

My sister questioned if I should permanently reduce the price of the ebook, but the way Amazon works, this would reduce my royalty rate to 30%, whereas if I occasionally do Countdown Deals (allowed every 90 days), then I retain the 70% rate I normally get.

I has been very exciting doing this and getting a reasonable number of sales. If you’ve not snapped up a bargain yourself yet, you’ve got until 8.00am BST when the ebook returns to its list price. Remember, if you don’t own a Kindle, you can always get the paperback,or if you are an Amazon Prime customer you can borrow the ebook for free through Kindle Unlimited.

Kindle Countdown Deal

31 Mar
Don’t tell anyone – no wait a minute – tell everyone, my novel is on a Kindle Countdown Deal for the next few days. The sooner you buy it, the cheaper it is – ONLY 99p today. (You’d be struggling to get an EasyJet flight for less). So if you’re looking for a bit of escapism while the kids are off school, click away. All the Places I’ve Ever Been 

All the Places I’ve Ever Been – the Paperback

8 Dec

Now available as a paperback.  I’d love to know what you think.

All the Places I’ve Ever Been

Did you get it?

12 Nov

For those of you who have added your email address to the Sign Me Up button, you should now have received a copy of my short story Free as a Bird which won the Eileen Gilmour Creative Writing competition a couple of years ago. If my story hasn’t popped in to your in box then you might want to check that I have the right email address – I know one is definitely wrong (Julie).

Also a quick update on where I am with NaNoWriMo – the write a novel in a month extravaganza. This is the first year I’ve signed up so it, and I lasted, well, I’ll be generous and call it a week. But hey, that’s okay. It got 5,000 words written of a little idea that’s been kicking about in my head, and more importantly it’s got me back to the novel in the bottom drawer which has been gestating/fermenting far too long. If I decide to go back to the NaNoWriMo novel then at least I won’t be facing a blank page, although the main problem with the novel I’m reviving is that I’ve got lots of filled pages and I don’t know what to do with them – maybe throwing them in the air and seeing where they land might be a start. Or more sensibly actually getting down to some serious drafting.

On a different note – yesterday was 7 years since I left my job as a lecturer to concentrate on writing – an easy date to remember, what with the minute silence and all. I’ve maybe not achieved everything I set out to do, but I’ve written a novel and a half; a radio play and lots of short stories. I’ve also spent more time sitting in hospital waiting rooms than I had envisaged, but life is nothing if not unpredictable. They say life runs in 7 year cycles, so I’m looking forward to the next one.

Coming Soon

27 May
Coming Soon - Short Stories and Flash Fiction by Colette Coen

Coming Soon – Short Stories and Flash Fiction by Colette Coen

Ebook Approaching

16 Oct

So, a few weeks ago I decided that I would just quickly pop some short stories and flash fiction into a collection to publish online. Well, I’ve been re-writing, editing, proof-reading and researching. I’ve been photographing, designing and planning. Still got more to do, but with the help of a Kindle Guide and info on how to make your books sparkle, from http://indieiq.com/ and http://catherineryanhoward.com/author/catherineryanhoward/ I’m easing my way towards publication. Then I need to see if http://www.smashwords.com/ need anything different for publication there too.
I took the opportunity on Sunday with a packed house here for my son’s birthday to get feedback on my cover. Typically the cover I least liked was the one that people thought was the best, but when I probed further it was to do with clarity of text which was easily changed, and with layout (thanks Aileen). Think I’ve got the cover more or less correct now, so just have to finalise the book’s innards and I’m ready to go.
This was meant to be a learning experience and it is (including the fact that I’ve got to write to the IRS in the US and ask them not to tax me!) Publishers definitely have their uses, but it really is a thrill putting something together all by myself.  On holiday from work this week, so hopefully The Chocolate Refuge will be published within the next week.  I’ll let you know when it happens.

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