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Free Books

22 Apr

For one day only – to celebrate my Silver Wedding – I have made all my Kindle titles free.

Click away, and if you like them, please leave a review on Amazon.


No matter how far she runs, Meg can never escape the past.

Short Stories and Flash Fiction by Colette Coen

Write Away by Colette Coen

Write Away by Colette Coen

Colette’s Christmas Countdown – Day 14

14 Dec

Chocolate Time – Though if you are still trying to hold yourself back until Christmas Day before the big blow out, you could always just read about chocolate, with today’s Free Book – The Chocolate Refuge. Click on the image for a preview.

Colette’s Christmas Countdown – Day 12

12 Dec

Another Day, Another Giveaway – Be quick, this book is only free today.

St Antony’s Tongue – Almost as gruesome as it sounds – but that’s only one of the stories, the rest don’t have any body parts of the saints. If you click in the box, you can even get a preview.

Pushing out the Boat – Issue 15

16 Apr

Vain thing that I am, I had to wait until I had had my haircut before I could show off my latest publication. Here I am with Pushing out the Boat, which features a story of mine called Brightly Coloured Jewels about a woman whose Candy Crushesque addiction gets in the way of her responsibilities.

Colette Coen holding Pushing out the Boat

Colette Coen holding Pushing out the Boat

Another Day, Another 30 Dollars

28 Feb

The Writing Quarter has once again chosen a story of mine as their monthly winner. The exchange rate between here and Australia means that I get £1 less than last time, but enough to cover the competitions I am busy entering today.

The story Pot Luck is one I wrote a few years ago, though the theme has become even more pertinent (and personal) over time, to the point that I almost consigned it to the bin, but didn’t, as it is always useful (if painful) to raise awareness.

I sometimes think that I spend an inordinate amount of time entering writing competitions and submitting to magazines – tweaking the text so that it is within word limits; making sure the headers and footers abide by the rules; removing or adding my name – but the reason I carry on is because I want people to read my work, and if I don’t send it out, then it won’t be read.

I checked the proofs yesterday of one of my stories that will appear in the next edition of Pushing out the Boat, and Postbox Magazine, with another wee tale, is coming soon. So, it’s the last day of February and that’s three ‘yeses’ since the new year. I’m happy with that but I need to carry on with the submissions if I want to carry on in the same vein.


Interview Online

29 Nov

I’ve just done an interview with The Writing District about my winning short story It. You can read the interview here.

Hallowe’en Short Story

29 Oct

It’s Hallowe’en and a street party has a few unexpected guests. Buy Sexton Way here.

Sexton Way


Kindle Countdown Deal

24 Oct

Time for my next Kindle Countdown Deal – St Antony’s Tongue – a collection of short stories and flash fiction, is available for a short time at 99p (usual price £1.99). Get it now before it’s too late.

Reaping Rewards

1 Oct

Sometimes as a writer all you receive are knock-backs and it is difficult to keep going. Self doubt comes easy and motivation leaves just as easily. BUT, I’ve been putting on my resilience flack jacket and sending out lots and lots of writing recently – I don’t believe you should have unpublished pieces languishing when there is maybe a market out there for them – and have been reaping the rewards.

Hot on the heels of my Writing District win is a long leet, which will possibly the most stressful ever. Reflex Fiction will publish the non-winners, one per day in November and December, and then the prizewinners on the last three days on the year. The good news is, even if I don’t win one of the prizes, my flash fiction will still be published in their anthology in the Spring of next year.

Might need to start biting my nails.

Oh Look, it’s me

28 Sep

Delighted to have won this month’s Writing District Short Story competition. Even better that there is a prize but no entry fee – result. If only the exchange rate was better!

You can read my story It here. Don’t worry, it’s not got anything to do with the Stephen King story.