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Mis-speling – should I get annoyed?

27 Jan

So two great things happened this week – I was shortlisted for the Scottish Book Trust’s New Writers Award (for the second time), and I also had an article about All the Places I’ve Ever Been in my work’s in-house magazine. In both places they added an L to my name. Annoying, yes, but not just because I’m pedantic, but also because my name is linked to my blog, twitter account, and to my publications. Ive asked the SBT to change Colette to the correct spelling, but the printed magazine, I’m just going to have to live with – it was only the headline after all – the article (which I wrote) had my name spelled correctly throught!

So my poll for today – I haven’t done one of these for ages, is – Do you have a name which gets mis-spelt?

Update: the lovely people at the Scottish Book Trust acted quickly and my name is now correctly spelt. Hoorah.


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