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Colette’s Christmas Countdown – Day 20

20 Dec

Christmas Present not free today, but cut-price and still time to order the paperback of All the Places I’ve Ever Been from Amazon. My Kindle Countdown Deal will be running from today – only 99p – with the price going up to the still deliciously reasonable price of £2.99 in a few days time.

All the Places I’ve Ever Been – Meg is on the run, so where better to hide than on the tour bus of a rock band. Join her on her adventures to all the places she’s ever been. Click on the image for a preview.

Colette’s Christmas Countdown – Day 11

11 Dec

Time for another Elf on the Shelf

The elf is looking at some of the books published by the G2 Writers (past and present) this year – Charlie Gracie, Tracey Patrick, Finola Scott and hoping for (on the Christmas list) Vicki Jarrett.

Some of G2's work

Wondering what book to choose from the G2 Writers – 2019

Colette’s Christmas Countdown – Day 5

5 Dec

Success and Disappointments – not quite at the end of the year, but I’m Scottish, and if you think I’m blogging on Ne’er Day, you’ve got another thing coming (that, and the fact that I usually do my resolutions in August when the schools go back). So, no resolutions yet, but a little look back on the year: Publications – I was published in Pushing out the Boat, Postbox and the Reflex Anthology and I’ve got another publication pending; Wins – I won the Writing Quarter competition twice in January and July; Success – my proofreading and editing business, Beech Editorial Services started to bear fruit; Disappointments – I had a sniff at a book-sized publication, but unfortunately it didn’t come to fruition. Other Stuff – Pledged money to two crowdfunded literary ventures, one Extra Teeth has just arrived through my letterbox – a new magazine on the block, the other I will let you read about here. Alan Gillespie is an ex-G2 member.


19 Sep


Very Dry           I take a reading

Variations in pressure

Change the step

Listen to my asthma

Pull at my throat

Pray absent-mindedly

Or in despair

Oh my God.


The gradient of the hill shifts

With each passing day

Stormy             A sleepless night

The thought of what lies ahead

1 in 10

Fair                  A night of passion

A resolve to screw them all

Someone to talk to

And I’m there

Rain                 I cannot cry

It’s only a job

They cannot

Will not

Make me weep


Finally, it becomes a mountain

Pitched steeper every day

My steps shorten and grow slow

My breath

Infected by indoor pollution



A strong wind forces me backwards

Protecting me from the devil

I will become

If I reach the top

Just one more time.




A rare outing for my poetry – written a while ago, but published here due to prompt on Creative Writing Ink 


Photo by Alexandr Bormotin on Unsplash


The Real Jazz Baby

26 Jul

Can’t be bothered reading more than 360 words at a time, then do I have the publication for you – The Real Jazz Baby is published by Reflex Press and contains ‘162 flash fictions from over 120 of the best flash fiction writers in the world.’ (My italics, as I am excited to be included in the collection). Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Pushing out the Boat – Issue 15

16 Apr

Vain thing that I am, I had to wait until I had had my haircut before I could show off my latest publication. Here I am with Pushing out the Boat, which features a story of mine called Brightly Coloured Jewels about a woman whose Candy Crushesque addiction gets in the way of her responsibilities.

Colette Coen holding Pushing out the Boat

Colette Coen holding Pushing out the Boat

Another Day, Another 30 Dollars

28 Feb

The Writing Quarter has once again chosen a story of mine as their monthly winner. The exchange rate between here and Australia means that I get £1 less than last time, but enough to cover the competitions I am busy entering today.

The story Pot Luck is one I wrote a few years ago, though the theme has become even more pertinent (and personal) over time, to the point that I almost consigned it to the bin, but didn’t, as it is always useful (if painful) to raise awareness.

I sometimes think that I spend an inordinate amount of time entering writing competitions and submitting to magazines – tweaking the text so that it is within word limits; making sure the headers and footers abide by the rules; removing or adding my name – but the reason I carry on is because I want people to read my work, and if I don’t send it out, then it won’t be read.

I checked the proofs yesterday of one of my stories that will appear in the next edition of Pushing out the Boat, and Postbox Magazine, with another wee tale, is coming soon. So, it’s the last day of February and that’s three ‘yeses’ since the new year. I’m happy with that but I need to carry on with the submissions if I want to carry on in the same vein.



17 Dec

I’ve been rather obsessively checking the Reflex Fiction website everyday where they have been publishing one non-winning flash fiction since the middle of Nov. Their top three are going to be announced at the end of the year (and win between £250 and £1000). Well, my wait is over (this time around anyway), as I was published today. You can read my story Lie Still here. It would be great if you could leave your comments on it, either here or on the Reflex Fiction forum. In the meantime, enjoy.

Winning Story – The Writing Quarter

3 Dec

I do like a competition, especially ones that have no entry fee and still give a prize. So I am now AU$30 better off, and have now been published by magazines in Scotland, England, Ireland, America and Australia.

You can read my winning story Crooked  at The Writing Quarter.

Charlie Gracie – Book Launch

15 Nov

The G2 Writers have another success on our hands, with the publication of Charlie Gracie’s first novel  To Live With What You Are.

If you want to find out more, head over to Charlie’s blog, and of course, buy the book.

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